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Black dress – £12, pink dress – £13, shoes – £16, bracelet – £2, tights – £2.50 First look at Primark’s gorgeous new Autumn/Winter line… with party dresses for £12 and flowery boots that are £70 cheaper than Doc Martens The high-street store is launching some beautiful pieces in July Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) PRIMARK has just unveiled their stunning Autumn/Winter collection – and it’s bound to send shoppers into a frenzy. The fashion retailer is set to roll-out a variety of goodies at the end of July, including budget-friendly party dresses and smart suits. Black dress – £12, pink dress – £13, shoes – £16, bracelet – £2, tights – £2.50 The Sun Online has gained an exclusive peek at the exciting AW17 collection and the full look book can be browsed on the official Primark website tomorrow. One of the most highly-coveted items is set to be these stunning floral boots, which are £70 cheaper than Dr Martens’ sell-out pair. All of the flower-print pieces have been updated for the colder months as they’ve been given a vampier feel. Doc Marten have flogged these sell-out boots for £90… but you can get a similar Primark pair at a fraction of the price The floral boots are perfect for Autumn/Winter and cost just £20 Coat – £30, jumper – £13, trousers – £15, shoes – £8, earrings – £4 Dress -£13, bag – £9, shoes – £12, earrings – £5, tights – £3 Dress – £13, hat – £4, tights -£3, shoes – £16 The collection is also bursting with bright colours, metallics, pleather, chunky knits and embroidered details. Other key items include bedazzled bags, sparkling jewellery and faux-fur lined coats. A spokesperson from Primark said: “This season at Primark we celebrate individuality, inclusivity and timeless fun. “From bold colour clashing to a riot of print and texture, this season is about confidence; everything goes so wear what you want when you want, the rules are yours to be played with.” Expert reveals the truth behind video of 'miracle baby' who looked like she was walking moments after being born Bride-to-be is flogging her 18ct engagement ring 'the size of Gibraltar' on eBay because she 'turned her fiancé gay' I'm marrying the woman of my dreams in three months but I can't stop having sex with other men This £45 leather ASOS bag is 100 TIMES cheaper than Chanel’s £4,450 version... and they’re almost identical 15 hilarious times parents absolutely destroyed their kids on Facebook Kim Kardashian lookalike who splashed £140k on surgery copies star's naked desert photoshoot I lost my virginity to a lying love rat after meeting online - but he made me feel so special Poundland launch a wedding range...and offer top tips to have YOUR dream big day on a budget The incredible moment newborn tot stuns midwives as she 'starts walking MINUTES after being born' in a hospital in Brazil This Nandos starter contains more calories than three portions of McDonald's chicken nuggets Why Muslims don't eat in the day during Ramadan - and how the religious festival is being celebrated The Chase contestant Trudy completely loses it over VERY rude sounding question She's a judge on Bake Off: Creme de la Creme but what don't you know Cherish Finden? This is the average number of times couples need to have sex to get pregnant

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